Escape Game Harbour Escape, Escapology Entertainment India. Mumbai.
Escape Game Harbour Escape, Escapology Entertainment India. Mumbai.
Escape Game Harbour Escape, Escapology Entertainment India. Mumbai.

Escape Game Harbour Escape

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 1140—3430 ₹ per team

About the game Harbour Escape

You have been relaxing in a bar celebrating Christmas and were befriended by a friendly traveller. You have had a few drinks with him at the bar. That is the last thing you remember that night.

The next day you wake aboard the huge ship that has set sail on a risky journey to an unknown destination.

You quickly realize that you have been fooled by the Captain and are now forced to work on the ship.

You are scared that if you do not escape you will be a bonded labourer on the ship with little hope of pay or freedom. After weeks of sailing an impending storm drives the ship to seek refuge on a small unknown island.

You hear a familiar sea song and suddenly feel a glimmer of hope to escape the Captain's clutches. The crew is starting to prepare the ship to set sail!

Looking around the room, you make eye contact with a few of your shipmates, everyone quickly realizes, now is your only chance to escape! The ship will set sail again in an hour.

Your Captain, is no fool and it will not be easy to escape. The risks are high. If caught, you could be thrown in to the sea or you could be hanged! The next 60 minutes will change your life forever. You and your shipmates, must solve the clues, answer the riddles, find the hidden map, and get off the ship.

Don't forget to watch the clock for time is of the essence! Do you have what it takes to escape the clutches of Captain?

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Address escape game Harbour Escape

Mumbai, Escapology, R City Mall, T-34, 3rd Floor, LBS Marg, Ghatkoper West, Mumbai, India
022 6708 ... Show phone number

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