Escape Game Toxic Release, Escapology Entertainment India. Mumbai.
Escape Game Toxic Release, Escapology Entertainment India. Mumbai.
Escape Game Toxic Release, Escapology Entertainment India. Mumbai.

Escape Game Toxic Release

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 1140—3430 ₹ per team

About the game Toxic Release

Dr. Brand is a high-ranking chemical weapons specialist for a secret department. He has been developing secret chemicals to destroy enemy forces.

Enemy powers have noted Dr. Brand's work and have bribed him to develop a powerful chemical capable of destroying the secret department. He has become a traitor and has become a potential threat to the entire human race.

You are a team of scientists investigating Dr. Brand's laboratory. You've been tasked with finding the only known antidote to deadly chemical before it gets passed into enemy hands.

However, the enemy forces have found out about your mission and have already contaminated the laboratory with the deadly chemical. Unfortunately the chemical detection sensor has picked up the threat and shutdown the facility.

Your only chance of survival is to go through Dr. Brand's laboratory to find the antidote. He has hidden it through a series of riddles, puzzles and codes that only the smartest can figure out.

If you do not find the antidote within 1 hour the facility will self-destruct, and there will be no escape.

Rely on your team, intellect, and keen sense of observation to solve the riddles and unlock the secrets to find the antidote and to escape the laboratory. Time is of the essence. Do you have what it takes to escape?

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Address escape game Toxic Release

Mumbai, Escapology, R City Mall, T-34, 3rd Floor, LBS Marg, Ghatkoper West, Mumbai, India
022 6708 ... Show phone number

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